iPhone Google and Summer Work

9 02 2009

Google Sync for the iPhone and should I work at school for the summer?I woke up today to find an article in one of my RSS feeds that really stuck out to me. Google has a new feature for the iphone that will allow over-the-air syncing with your Google Calendar and Google Contacts. It is like Microsoft Exchange and MobileMe, but free for Google users. If you don’t know what those are, then hear this: When you add a new contact to your address book on your iphone, Google will automatically add that contact to your Google Contacts without having to sync with your computer and visa-versa. I have been waiting for this feature for awhile.

On another note, I got an email from a co-worker asking if I was interested in working during the summer up here in Bellingham. I would be doing the same stuff as I do now, but on a larger scale and more projects. I will have to commute from Lynnwood to Bellingham every weekday. I don’t mind doing that, but looks like I will have to start driving. I won’t be driving all the way to Bellingham. How I would get here is by taking the transit bus from Everett. Gotta think about that…. We will see what I choose to do.




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