DYC ’09

20 02 2009

Arrival and Day 1 (Thursday/Friday)DYC 09

District Youth Conference… I volunteered for DYC this year with Stine and Lori. We headed down Thursday night in a big 15 person passenger van with some new friends, Joe, Stefani, and Liz. When we arrived, we slept. In the morning we ate breakfast and met some cool people. I helped with the game room setup and such. There was a Wii, Playstation II for DDR, two computers for blogging, one arcade, four TV games, boccerballs, board games, and whirl ball. There was the opening session at night, which was great. Tons of high school kids everywhere. Saw William and Susan from Kent church. At night, ran security with Paul. Found a couple making out in the halls… really? Knocked on peoples doors that were noisey. Ate burger king after we were done with our rounds and went to bed at 2am.

Day 2 (Saturday)

Woke up at 7:30am. I was in charge of the game room for one hour, labyrinth for one hour, and info desk for one hour. Was very slow since a lot of the kids probably went out to explore Portland. No Tax? duh! The message that day was pretty cool. There was a live artist drawing during the message. He basically drew the theme at we realized what the picture meant by the end of it. It was about “Movement” and how we need to move instead of staying stuck in one place. Being in one place doesn’t get you anywhere, now does it? Later the night we went to The Hoop where there was the annual basketball tournament. I was a score keeper. It was fun to watch.

I was on patrol/security duty again this night also. This time I was with Joel. We found a room that refused to stop being loud and basically was having a party… with the Leader in it too, which I thought was suprising. Before we went to bed, we ate some Burger King!

Day 3 (Sunday)

Went to the store a lot to help with the Film Festival. Cleaned up because we were leaving on Monday. Everyone was getting sick, haha. I believe it was the stomach flu. Went on security that night again and found this room that looked like it had about 5 people in it… then 30-40 kids walked out of the room. It reminded me of a circus car where clowns kept coming out of a tiny small car. It was funny. Went to bed pretty late.

Day 4 (Monday)

Tried to get out of bed, but I was exausted. I didn’t get a nap the whole time I was at DYC so my legs were exhausted. It was really fun though. We had the closing ceremony and announced the winner of the Film Festival, while I cleaned up with some of the staff downstairs. When all the kids left, the staff worked on cleaning everything and putting the equipment onto the truck. We left and that night when I got home, I felt sick. I think I caught something from DYC because I was throwing up. Wasn’t able to get out of bed on Tuesday morning so I didn’t go to class.

Overall, DYC was really fun and I would like to take the Youth Group down next year if at all possible. Can’t wait for next year!




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22 03 2009


i went to DYC too this year and i came accross your blog when i was searching up some information about the guy who would paint during the functions at dyc, but i have a hard time remebering his name do you know it by any chance?

email me at diannerawr@gmail.com

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