22 02 2009

Snowboarding GogglesI went snowboarding for the first time today with Lori, John, James, Binh, M.Y., Andrea, Trung, Sara, Jeremy, and Rami (did I spell that right?). We went to Stevens Pass and I was decked out with everything except for boots, which I had to rent. It all started out rough. I kept falling every 5 feet… quite the embarrassment. Lori was way ahead of me and it was basically her first time. LORI was beating me! I could not have any of that! (Sorry Lori, hehe) She beat me down Daisy (beginners route) and also down Hogsback or something like that. Took me awhile, but I was getting the hang of things. Sara got hurt somewhere at the top. She got hit by someone going by; don’t know exactly what happened.

The second time down Hogsback was a lot easier. Wasn’t falling as much and was able to heal-side all the way down. Spinnng a little bit and accidently going into Goofy mode (which I am Regular). Really fun though! Decided to get ahead of myself and GO OFF A JUMP! Landed it fine the first time, but the second time I tried… beafed it on my butt. My tailbone, knees, and elbows hurt from falling so much. The guys had us beginners go down Skyline next. Took FOREVER and tired Lori and I out.

We ate afterwards; had a nice burger and fries with some root beer. Got sore and while the guys went back Sara, Lori, and I went on Daisy once and called it quites. We were exhausted. Went home afterwards and now Lori is so sore that she couldn’t do anything. Wish I could take her pain away. Anyways, loved the snow and boarding. Can’t wait to go again, but my wallet is saying otherwise. Hah!

See Also: Falling, Long Ride, Safeway, Being Late, No Room for Youngins, Snowboard Rack, New Board, Size 9 Boots?, Huge Bindings, Daisy, Heel-Side, Toe-Side, Carving, Jeremy’s Rock Jump, Sara’s Skit Escort, Getting Off The Lifts, Binh’s Tackle, John’s Brightness, John’s Music, Failed Jumps, Hogsback, Skyline, Face Plants, Cheddar Cheese Burger, Lift Alone, Dead, Sore.

The *See Also* is for those who went so the keywords could trigger memory of what happened. It’s so I don’t have to write about EVERY SINGLE thing that happened… I can just write one keyword and some might remember what they were.




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