Lent ’09

25 02 2009

coke cansIt’s that time of the year again. I’ve given up having Soda Pop to the max. I’ve decided, with Lori, that I will be drinking only ONE coke/pop/soda a day. Giving it up all together will give me terrible withdrawals and I don’t think I can handle that while at school. For those of you who don’t know what Lent is, it is when we Christians decide to give up something for 40 days. Those 40 days end on Easter. It’s like to say “I’m giving up this to God for 40 days!” We will see how this goes because I have a terrible addiction. I currently do not have anything other than soda in my fridge, hah! I need to go get some or else I won’t survive the rest of the week.

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25 02 2009
William Nguyen

Weak sauce… I’m giving up laziness.

25 02 2009
Kyle Wisser

Haha, nice! Coke is weak… not for me. It’s something I live off of and I’m giving it up for God. I have gone through a 12 pack in a day so we will see if this helps me.

26 02 2009

I don’t think I do enough of anything to feel the sacrifice, unfortunately.
But… I’m very proud of you for losing coke.

26 02 2009
Kyle Wisser

Yeah, it’s easy to think of something when you have an addiction, HAHA! It’s just admitting it and willing to go with that sacrifice. It’s soo hard. I am on day 1 and having lots of problems 😦

2 04 2009

I gave up MSN!
Don’t worry! We’re almost thereeee!! Lent’s ALMOST OVER! 😀

(btw, if you’re wondering who this is)
Hello, my name is Kimberly.
I live in Canada. ^_^

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