New Snowboard Boots

28 02 2009

snowbootsI just got new snowboard boots and they are pretty cool. They are a size 6 in kids and a 6.5 in Mens. They were the only size I could find and it was perfect because that’s what size I am! Another thing that makes them cool is that they are VANS! I love Vans. They are my favorite shoe brand. The boots have this Boa technology thing where it doesn’t have laces. You just turn a wheel thing and it tightens for you. Got them on sale + kids size so they were cheaper than normal.

On a side note:

  • This years lent is hard. Giving up soda and only being able to have one a day is extremely frustrating. I never realized how much I drank until I limited myself. It really is killer.
  • Bought an xbox 360 with my bro. He paid half and I paid half.
  • I’m broke and need to start saving money. I have $250 in the bank and in debt $250 on one of my credit cards. The other credit card I have is all my brother. I paid my share and he’s responsible for what is on it at the moment.
  • Arni’s birthday is today.
  • I haven’t been up this late in awhile and need to sleep, good night?



2 responses

2 03 2009

It’s good to fit into kid’s stuff, so much cheaper! 🙂

2 03 2009

PS. I love your about me. Esp. Joel’s description. HAHAHAHAHA.

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