Dead Week – Winter ’09

10 03 2009


It is dead week this week. For those who don’t know what that is, it is the week before finals for college students. Basically, it’s all about the studying and getting ready for those tests that will stress you out! Here are some things that I have to do or been doing:

  • There was a small virus outbreak at my school. It’s kind of fun getting rid of them, but frustrating when dealing with the residence.
  • Preparing for OPS 360 presentation that my group is doing on Wednesday. I prepared the slides and am the first person to speak.
  • Got an XBOX 360 and haven’t really played with it much. My brother has been on it a lot though.
  • Lori got a snowboard, I like it.
  • Ate out with Amanda Vuu and went exploring the outdoor sports stores. Tried to find a ski-mask I could use for snowboarding, but they were too expensive and didn’t have my size.
  • Been not drinking soda pop as much because of Lent. Dying right now because my brother drank all my juice!
  • I guess it is time for some studying. Oh, but before that… I registered for classes and was only able to get into 8 credits worth of classes. Really lame. I am on the waiting list to get into the classes I need for my major.
  • Applied for my major after realizing this is the last quarter I could go WITHOUT a major. The rest of the classes I need to take are the ones that require you to be IN the major. Accounting and MIS here I come.



2 responses

10 03 2009
Lori Tran

you should say small computer virus outbreak.. hahaha.. man if not you guys might need to be quarantine. 😛 oh! and when do you find out if you made it into your major?

10 03 2009
Kyle Wisser

In 3 weeks. At least that’s how long my advisor told me it would take.

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