Start of Spring ’09

3 04 2009

Well Spring quarter has started and I am not taking that many classes. Only three unlike my usual four. I feel like I have too much time on my hands. The university apparently wants us to cut back on hours so there really is much for me to do. I have class from 10am to 4pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays. No class on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday. It is really relaxing, but I find it hard to find something to do. I get done with homework and assignments pretty quickly these days… so I guess I am just going to play xbox 360 and watch stuff on my computer.

I need to look for a summer job soon. I did find a few, but it’s a little too early to apply. Geek Squad, AT&T, and my school are my possibilities. Working for school doesn’t look too good because of the budget… we will see soon enough.

Don’t know what I will be doing Saturday since everyone is going to a Wedding. I guess I could get a haircut and maybe look into getting my license for a change. Hmm… or how about get super ahead in my classes? Haha, then what will I do for the next week? Oh having too much time can suck when you don’t have someone to spend it with.




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4 04 2009

You can always make a trip down here and play with the cutest kid ever! 🙂 Sorry you didn’t get to go to the wedding… See you soon??? Have a good quarter!

6 04 2009
Lori Tran

wish you lived closer..

12 04 2009

I’m subscribing to your website just to let you know!

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