Very Slow Quarter

14 04 2009

Well I haven’t really done much this quarter as far as school and work. It has been really slow in both areas and I find myself having a lot of free time. Some of the stuff that has been going on since last time was:

  • Kaden’s Birthday in Oregon
  • Been playing lots of Xbox 360 because of having lots of free time.
  • No class on Monday, Wednesday, Friday… but I do have class from 10am-4pm every Tuesdays and Thursday.
  • Only taking 12 credits this quarter because I applied for my major late and did not get into the classes I wanted to. Was on the waiting list and didn’t get in.
  • I found out the other day that I got into the College of Business and Economics at WWU for Accounting. After this quarter, all I will need to take is applied statistics and all Major classes. I’ll probably be applying to Management Information Systems soon.
  • Joel’s Birthday was yesterday.
  • Applying for housing next quarter. Going to stay at the Birnam Wood apartments with my brother and his two friends David and Stasi.
  • Beat the game Star Ocean for Xbox 360, but there is a lot of post-game content.
  • Tons of birthdays just past… there was April and Alex; forgetting anyone? Oh yeah, Jon turned 21!
  • Got the iPhone 3G for my brother and I which meant we had to switch to AT&T. I get a discount on the plan since I work for WWU which is pretty cool.
  • Classes I am taking: Principles of Marketing (Marketing 380), Macroeconomics (Econ 207 – retaking since there was no other classes to take and I got a C in this class when I did take it), and Representations of Otherness (Liberal Studies class).

That’s about all I can think of.




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