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4 06 2009

I just got over being sick, sort of. On Sunday morning I wasn’t feeling very good and started to feel light headed with a slight sore throat. I don’t think anyone took me seriously. My body was sore and wasn’t feeling right. When I went to sushi land, I only had one plate of cucumber roles and I was done. Didn’t feel that hungry, but didn’t eat anything else all day so I didn’t know why my body didn’t want anymore food. Took a nap at home and my head started to hurt. Tried to disregard it by studying, but my body was too tired. Went back home, through myself into bed, and could not get up. Later that night I vomited about 6 or 7 times. The stomach wasn’t too friendly too me.

The next morning felt terrible too… vomited a few more times in the middle of the night and had my mom take me to the doctors. Was tested for flu and strep throat. The doctor concluded that it was strep and started me on antibiotics. Didn’t start feeling better until Tuesday night.

Now it’s just really hot in my room (hotter than outside). I am finished with two classes (had to finish my essay while I was sick and studied for the test starting Tuesday night). All I have left is Marketing class final on Thursday, June 11th.

What I am looking forward (tech wise):

  • WWDC – World Wide Developers Conference; apple will be presenting on June 8th about the new iphone OS software and also rumored to talk about a new iPhone.
  • Google Wave – My boss mentioned it, but I wanted to check it out. Some sort of new communication for the future.
  • Been meaning to install a better spam filter for my site, but haven’t gotten to it.
  • Catching up on Anime
  • Found this cool site called TheOnion.com
  • Just found The Sims 3 on the iPhone. Look it up in the app store.

That’s about it. Haven’t written in awhile, but it really is hard to.




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10 06 2009

theonion.com is supeeeeeerrr entertaining 🙂

10 06 2009
Kyle Wisser

Haha, it is isn’t it. Very addicting, too.

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