Wild Waves

23 08 2009

Wild Waves was prettty fun the other day. I went with my friends Mary, Louis, Jon, Lani, Huy, Edwin, Sandy, Nhuchi, and Nhuy for Nhuy’s Birthday. There were others but I just met them and I’m terrible with names. We all went in the water first which included only the intertube water slide and the other intertube thing that you go down little waterfall type slides and try to push people down them. Edwin carried my tube onto his and threw me down one of them. I think Mary was the first one down.

I don’t exaclty remember the order we did things but the rest of the day consisted of the wooden roller coaster, eating in the parking lot, tea cups, lumber jack falls, the wild thing, and the wave pool. Sandy went on the roller coasters her first time and looked like she had fun. Good job, Sandy! My throught hurts from screaming, Haha.

Nhuy loved the tea cup ride. Jon and Louis were spinning it like crazy and she had her head back, relaxing. Someone threw-up, but I forgot his name. The wave pool was fun with goggles. I lost them for a minute. Found them on a kid wearing them. Afte I got them back, he kept calling me a liar yelling at his friends saying that they weren’t mine. He even asked to borrow then after all that. It all was really fun though. I had a good time and it seemed like everyone else did too. Thank you Louis, Huy, and Nhuchi for driving.

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