Busy Working

3 09 2009

I haven’t really been able to do anything outside of work lately because of all the time it takes me to travel from home to WWU. I drive to the Everett station every morning and take the bus from there to Mt Vernon. Then I hop onto another bus that goes from Mt Vernon to Bellingham. I don’t mind the long rides at all, but I have to wake up super early. I leave my house at 6:20am and don’t get back until around 7:20pm. Lately, I’ve been reading a book on the bus called the Rangers Apprentice. It is a fantasy/adventure book and is really good. I guess I like these kinds of books.

I heard about Rangers Apprentice from visit in Oregon where the weekend was packed with things to do. Arrived Friday night with John, Lori, Thi, and Joey. Saturday, we played two-hand touch, had a fantasy draft, and hung out at the To’s. Sunday involved church, lunch, and a fun ride home. My fantasy team isn’t that good, btw.

The other day I went to a usability study for Microsoft. Got a program that I’m selling on craigslist for around $300. That’s about all I got.




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