Favorite Mac Software

31 10 2009

I am a person who loves my Mac and sometimes there are applications for it that I can’t do without. I decided to share some of those applications incase anyone is interested. I’m not gonna say every single little thing about them though. You can check them out for yourself.

Free Software

Dropbox – This is one of my favorite applications. It works for both mac and windows so either operating system can enjoy it. It is a program that uploads anything in your “dropbox folder” to your dropbox account online. You don’t have to press “upload” or anything. Whenever you are connected to the internet, it will automatically sync between your online and dropbox folder. I use this all the time for work since I don’t like the files system that my school has. You can download and view your files at getdropbox.com.

Caffeine – Makes it so your display won’t turn off with a click of the coffee cup icon that it puts on your task bar. Very handy when watching a video or reading something online. Sometimes the display will dim just a little bit when I don’t want it to. That’s when I use Caffeine.

InsomniaX – Soft of like Caffeine where it won’t turn off your display, but the point of this is so when you close your Mac, the laptop won’t go into standby mode or turn off the display. I use this for when I plug my computer to my TV to watch a show or movie I have on my Mac. I don’t want to see my Macs display when watching a movie on the TV display, so that’s why I find this handy. They have a better description on their site.

Reader Notifier – Do you use Google Reader for RSS feeds? Then this is essential for your mac. Reader Notifier notifies you of any new feeds that you have.

Quicksilver – Kind of like spotlight for your Mac, but incredibly nicer interface and has a lot more features. Search your mac instantly and open them in a snap. I’ve been using this to open files for school. I like to keep my Mac organized, but it sometimes takes a long time to navigate since I have so many folders. This makes it easier so I can just search the file and it pops up pretty fast. There are a lot more features that you should check out.

doubleTwist – Add media content to your non-iPhone devices with your Mac. It supports a wide variety of devices so check it out. I know it works for BlackBerry, Palm Pre, PSP, and Android. Plus it works somewhat like the iTunes store, but you can buy music from Amazon.

Well that’s all I have for now. You can browse some cool applications at macupdate.com. Let me know if you have any cool software for your Mac. I love trying new stuff.




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