SizeUp What?

15 11 2009

I installed Windows 7 on my MacBook for a lot of reasons. Three of the main reasons include using it for work purposes so that I could troubleshoot problems when they come up at work, using Microsoft Excel 2007 for statistics class and work, and for that snap feature that allows you to view two windows side by side. Well I found a program that does that snap feature and so much more. It is called SizeUp and now I found more reasons to love my Mac. What I am currently using it for is to compare two financial statements (Nokia and Apple) for my report that I have to write for class. All I do is press “control+option+command+arrow key” to snap it to a certain side when a window is selected.

The program comes with a free demo and pops-up with a notification every few times you use a feature. This notification tells you to purchase the program or continue the demo. I’ll deal with the demo pop-up for now until I can afford to buy it, but I am liking it a lot.

Another feature it has is maximizing windows to full screen. In the past, I have always had to drag the window to fit full screen, but it is a little time-consuming and irritating to do it every time. No, that green “+” button doesn’t do it for me. All I do is press “control+option+command+m” to get a window to fit the full screen. I LOVE IT! Programs like this make my life so much easier on my MacBook… since I use it everyday.

I hope find it as useful as I do. I know everyone has preferences and you might not even need this program, but give it a shot if you have had the same frustrations as me.

Go to their site and check it out!




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