11 12 2009

Have you ever heard of If you haven’t, you should definitely check it out. To best describe it, I should say that it is like a web version of the Music part of iTunes. What it allows you to do is purchase songs in two different ways; (1) you can buy the song to be able to play it from online as much as you like for only 10 cents OR (2) you can purchase the MP3 where you can play it on your iPod, computer, or any other device PLUS online. Another cool thing about it is that you get to play ANY song for FREE for the ONE TIME only (unlike how iTunes only lets you play 30 seconds of the song). After that one time, it works just like iTunes where it only lets you play it for 30 seconds.

When you first sign up for Lala, you get a free 25 songs that you can use to play online for an unlimited time. You get to choose whatever 25 songs you want, but the points expire in a month so you better use them. Also, when you invite others to lala, you get a free 5 songs each time. You can also share songs on your facebook to let others listen to what cool song you have found. This is starting to sound more like a list, so I guess I should actually put it in a list, eh?

What you can do with

  • Buy songs to play on the web for unlimited amount of times (10 cents)
  • Buy songs to play on your computer AND the web for unlimited amount of times (around a dollar, more or less)
  • If you already bought the web song, then you can buy the mp3 version for the difference.
  • Share songs on facebook, twitter, email, etc.
  • Play any song for FREE for ONE TIME (full song). After the first time, it will play a 30 second sample thereafter.
  • Follow your friends and what what they are listening to.
  • Lala shows new music as they come out so you can be up-to-date!
  • Add songs to your Queue to listen to. Like right now, I added a bunch of random new music to my queue to listen to. If I like it, I make a note of the song for future reference (if I want to purchase it or not).
  • Now, what about all those songs that I already own? Well Lala has a program called LalaMover that will search your iTunes library for music you already own and automatically add it to your Lala account for FREE.
  • When you sign up for Lala, you get a free 25 songs for web purchase. For every new person you invite and accepts your offer, you get another 5 free web songs.

You know what? Why don’t you just go check it out? If you decide to get a Lala account, please click here so that I can get a free 5 songs! Now if you haven’t heard already (this is the reason I found, Apple has just recently purchased so you never know what new features could be added, or if iTunes changes things up a little.




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