Cleaning Fingerprints Off iPhone/iPad

21 04 2010

Have you ever used an iPad or iPhone and just hated having fingerprints on them all the time? Well I have… I absolute hate having fingerprints on my iPhone and iPad so that is why I always carry a microfiber cloth with me wherever I go. What happens when you don’t want to carry the cloth or don’t have one on you? This is where I found an alternate solution.

If you forget your microfiber cloth what do you intend to use to wipe those fingerprints off of your iPhone screen? Normally, I would end up using the bottom of my shirt or the sleeve (If using a long sleeve shirt or sweatshirt). However, I have found an alternate solution that will work as long as your hands are dry.

Use the bottom of your hand when it is rolled up into a fist.

I have very greasy hands most of the time because I touch my hair a lot throughout the day. It works surprisingly well when using my hand because that area doesn’t really get dirty. I’m not sure if this is just a way that only works for some people, but it works for me! The only problem is that it moves around the dust that is on the iPad. It’s only good when try to take off the fingerprints.

PS. I wrote this post while using my new iPad. 🙂




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