About Me

I think you would learn more about me if I had the people closest to me describe who I am. So far I only got two people, but I think it’s good enough for now.

Kyle Wisser is… by far the most caring and generous person I have met. He is always giving and never asks for much. He loves the simple things in life and never cares for materialistic possessions. Which is rare these days.

He is always there for people. Whenever some one needs help with computer problems he is there. whenever some needs help with their iphones he is there. Even when someone needs an ear he is there.

Kyle’s passion includes exploring the endless possibilities that technology can offer. Never is he apart from his macbook or iphone. which makes him a nerd through and through ( it’s a good thing:) However that is not all that is Kyle. He is a hard worker and a never seems give up on anything, especially on me. And he is good at everything he does.

For me kyle is my best friend who i can always turn to. He keeps me accountable and loves me for who I am. Which is to say he always finds the good in people, in ways I could never do.

Kyle Wisser is someone I wish I could be more like and words cant describe how amazing he is.

-Lori Tran


Kyle Wisser has a funny girlfriend

-Joel To


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